Sand and Refinish of Existing Hardwood Floors

Tile Center expert technicians can refinish your hardwood floors to any stain color you wish. In the past 20 years, we have seen it all. We can bring new life anything, even your gorgeous 100 year old solid oak floors.

We will give a beautiful new face lift to your floor at a discount price you won't refuse.

Sand and refinish of hardwood floors

Refinishing Wood Floors: 5 Simple Steps







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If you're refinishing your hardwood floors, we highly recommend getting at least three quotes from reputable, licensed companies. It will help you have a full understanding of what is involved and what to expect.

When you talk to a professional flooring consultant from a company such as, Tile Center, make sure they are willing to come out to your home to take into consideration what your specific flooring needs are before quoting you an estimate. A quality consultant will bring over samples, measure your space and offer recommendations based on what will suite your home best.

On the day the project begins, the technician will sand and stain a few test spots in the area in need of refinishing, so you can see the way the stain finish mixes with the graining of your existing floor. Once you select the best stain finish to compliment your home, they will begin working.

Depending on the size of the area, they may finish your project in one day or it may take a few days. When interviewing companies, be sure to look for one cleaning up at the end of each day, to minimize the inconvenience of tools and dust laying around.

Once the project is complete, be sure to walk the completed area with the technicians and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Don't forget to ask for care and maintenance information, so you can enjoy your beautiful new refinished floor for years to come. Finally, take pictures and share your experience with friends or write a review to encourage others to pursue gorgeous hardwoods like yours.