Confessions of a Designer: Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Must-Haves


There are so many aesthetic styles with appealing, but honestly what’s most important in a bathroom space is functionality. If it’s beautiful but has no home for my stuff or lacks space to move around properly then the whole remodel is a failure. That’s why #1 on my list of must haves is storage.

I’m the type of person who wants to keep all of my stuff hidden from sight, yet I don’t want to dig through a base cabinet to try to find it. So, for me, drawers on a vanity, are a must. I’m also a fan of having a lift up wall cabinet next to my vanity, where I can keep my hair dryer plugged in, yet still hidden from sight when not in use. Tall linen storage in the bathroom is ideal for storing towels and giant cases of TP.

Bathroom Cabinets


Surprisingly, heated flooring doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Most of the actual floor square footage is taken up with the tub, shower and vanity, so there generally isn’t much actual walkway space to heat. The thermostat can be preset to warm up the floor 15 minutes before you wake. Just imagine toasty warm feet on a cold winter morning. Delightful!.

Heating floor system


In addition to warm feet, a towel warmer is an well worth it added luxury. They now come in so many different sizes, finishes and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Towel warmer


I live a busy life and don’t have time to worry about permanently staining my granite countertop with makeup or soap residue. As a result, a virtually maintenance free quartz countertop is a must. Some of the new colors debuting this year look so similar to natural marble or limestone, it’s scary. Pair this countertop with an under mount sink and cleaning is a dream.

Quartz Countertop


I’m not big on bubble baths and definitely don’t have the time to clean a jetted tub, but a freestanding soaking tub, is definitely a worthwhile investment. No longer are claw foot tubs the only option but now sleek contemporary and transitional freestanding tubs in all kinds of shapes are available. They not only look so sleek and elegant but can also help the bathroom feel open and light.

Free standing tub


None of those awkward, hard to clean, framed showers or shower curtains for me. A frameless clear glass enclosure with a pivot door makes the bathroom feel large, spacious and inviting.

Frameless glass shower


I personally don’t have a strong preference on whether the shower pan should be tiled or prefabricated but I do care about the drain. The typical round central drains always seem to end up uncomfortably in the center under my feet. Fortunately, linear drains are now available and can be placed against the side or head wall of a shower, providing style and comfort. Some linear drains can even be covered in tile, so it’s practically invisible.

Shower linear drain


This may seem small, but I’m a huge fan of contemporary single handle faucets. I hate trying to twist two handles at the same time, almost burning myself and needlessly waiting for the water temperature to adjust on a traditional double handle faucet.

With single handle faucets I don’t have to wait, plus it’s easier to clean around only one hole in the countertop verses three, which makes it very easy to keep the counter clean, easy and shiny just like day one.

Single handle faucet


Natural daylight helps start my day off right but at night, recessed lights are necessary to provide even light throughout. Bath lights over the mirror cast shadows on my face while I’m trying to get ready, so I recommend elegant sconces on either side of the mirror to give consistent light across your face. Don’t forget to add a little bling with a decorative chandelier in the center of the bathroom or over that freestanding tub.

Bathroom lighting


Shaving my legs is so much easier with a seat or bench built into the shower. Plus, a bench offers peace of mind, in case I get injured and need to sit while in the shower. A hand shower helps with shaving, as well as cleaning the shower.

Add a rain showerhead mounted to the ceiling with a diverter for the showerhead and hand shower to be on at the same time and suddenly, you have a spa. Niches keep shampoo within arm’s reach while showering.

Shower fixtures
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